What is the National Wage Index (NWI)?

National Wage Index Survey

National Wage Index measures employee wage levels and changes to wages over time… The Ministry of Human Resources has given the responsibility to ILMIA to collect data through a survey…

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What is the National Wage Index (NWI)?

The NWI is an index that measures changes in the wages and salaries of jobs in the Malaysian labour market. It is similar to the consumer price index (CPI) that measures the price of goods and services in our economy. The Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR) through the Institute of Labour Market Information and Analysis (ILMIA) is embarking on  a first ever survey to collect salaries and wages data from the public and private sectors for the development of a National Wage Index.
It serves as one of the labour market indicators that provide the information related to labour market. The index will be useful for employers and recruitment agencies to know changes in pay levels for specific jobs in the labour market. Job seekers can use the wage index as a guide to know the current salary market and to aid in career planning. Government economic planners will use it in wage setting and in revisions of the minimum wage as well as for policy review in a wide range of human capital development activities. The National Wage Index is an important component in strengthening the labour market initiatives. It was announced in the Eleventh Malaysia Plan (11MP) as part of the Fifth Strategic Thrust of the Plan.

The importance of the NWI

National Wage Index Survey

The importance of the National Wage Index Survey

The NWI survey is based on quarterly surveys that will collect critical wage information and its changes over time. The survey covers both private and public sectors. About 3,000 private sector establishments (firms and companies) have been randomly selected and they are located throughout Malaysia, i.e. Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak.  The NWI survey will be used only for official  and statistical purposes in accordance with the Employment Information Act 1953.  The wage index survey is to collect the relevant, timely and reliable information related to salaries and wage to develop the National Wage Index. The survey will capture rich quality information that could lead to the discovery of new initiatives or challenges in assembling, disseminating and analysing labour market information. The valuable information serves as the baseline to measure and establish a benchmark from which salaries and wage changes over the time are being monitored.

This effort requires that the selected firms and companies provide wage and salary information of your full time employees. Your cooperation and participation in this survey is critical to the success of this national effort in developing the NWI. The NWI survey will be launched in November 2016.

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National Wage Index Survey
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